Retaining Walls

Turn an Uneven Landscape Into a Design Feature

Decorate your yard with a retaining wall in Henderson, Asheville, NC and Surrounding Areas

Land is often sloped before a house is built to prevent water from seeping into the home's foundation. But this can make it tough to get the landscape design you want-and it can lead to landscape erosion. A retaining wall will add beauty to your property while preventing erosion.
We work with a variety of retaining wall materials, including stone, concrete blocks and timber. You can choose a look that matches the style of your home and enhances your curb appeal.
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The benefits of getting a retaining wall

Retaining walls are more than just decorative features. A retaining wall will...
  • Support your soil and keep it in place
  • Reduce erosion by slowing down the flow of water over your land
  • Prevent flooding by creating extra paths for water drainage
By using a retaining wall to create a level patch of land for your yard, you'll have a space where you can plant a garden or trees. Call 828-845-0128 to arrange for retaining wall installation services.



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